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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Late Night Segment: Top 3 Games


So, today I am starting a new segment! This is called Top 3 Games. So looking at the stats, I'd say I know the top 3 Iphone, Itouch, Ipad, and Android games are. Here they are in order! By the Way, these are based on how many people bought them, not how many people like them!

Number 3: Archetype

Archetype is an easy to use first perso shooter game. It is MMO, so you can play with or against friends. It is rated 12+ fore it's cartoonish but almost realistic blood violence. So if you want to move your gun with your fingers and shoot the hell out of your friends, this app is the one for you!

Ratings: 4.7 stars
5 stars: 111
4 stars: 28
3 stars: 4
2 stars: 3
1 star: 9

Number 2: Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a lovely game, but can be very addictive. This application is so unique, as it involves a group of birds try to kill green pigs by breaking down the structure. No blood but mild humor violence. It is rated 4+ due to it's hilarious characters and animations. If you love demolishing structures with little circular things, this is the game for you!

Ratings: 4.9 stars
5 stars: 51,853
4 stars: 7,924
3 stars: 3,694
2 stars: 1,574
1 star: 1,692


Number 1: Amazing Breaker

Before I do the actual review, I'd like to congratulate this game. It is a great game for strategy lovers, featuring 80 challenging levels of puzzling puzzles. You can make your own winning strategy. Or make your own losing strategy? More levels are always coming, too! All in all, this game is great for people who are good at: Chess, Go, Ninja vs. Ninja, Checkers, Dominoes, Othello, etc.

Ratings: 4.8 stars
5 stars: 11, 673
4 stars: 1,730
3 stars: 409 (wow, much less haters than angry birds...)
2 stars: 144
1 star: 215

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