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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pokemon Card Reviews #1: Arcanine (HGSS)

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Herro! Today I have my first pokemon card review! Let's start from the beginning of the modified legal set!

#1 Arcanine:


Arcanine has a sweeping 110 health. 1 fire energy and 1 of anything for 50 is pretty good. And 1 fire energy and 3 of anything for 90 is pretty nice as well. It's weak to water, and uncommon type, and it has a retreat cost of 2, making a pretty usable pokemon in a brute fire deck.


Like I said in the overview, this pokemon is really usable in brute fire decks. There 9 types of pokemon: grass, water, fire, steel, electric, colorless, psychic, fighting, and dark. In the next expansion pack, dragon will also be an available type. Brute decks are decks usually consisting of electric, fire, dark, and fighting type pokemon, without much care for back up, since you most likely won't need it.


I'd say about a 1.5/5 for strategic decks.
I'd say about a 0/5 for deck-out decks.
I'd say about a 4.5/5 for brute decks.

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