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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pokemon Card Reviews #2: Azumarill (HGSS)

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No I'm not talking about the prime...

#2: Azumarill

Yeah... So Azumarill has 2 attacks. Waterfall does 40 damage for 2 water, and Bubblebeam does 60 for 1 water and 2 of anything, with a chance of paralysis. This is not a good pokemon in my opinion, and that's hard to say, considering I run a water deck. It has 90 hit points, it's weak to electric, and it has the retreat cost of 2.


This is coming directly from my knowledge. Azumarill has literally no uses in decks what-so-ever. It's HP sucks. It's attacks suck. And it's weakness sucks. You'd be a lot better running something like Starmie in your deck, also since Starmie is an uncommon, and this is a rare.


I'd say about 0.5/5 for strategic decks.
I'd say about 0/5 for deck-out decks.
I'd say about 1/5 for brute decks.

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